Grand Canyon, AZ

Few of my friends and I reached the Grand Canyon village on the night of Thanksgiving. We stayed in Yavapai Village lodge. For a lodge the rooms were very well equipped. We went out of the Grand Canyon village to a Pizza place ( the food was great ), but we were surprised being Thanksgiving everything was closed except these guys.

So, we decided that we would get up early and  catch a bus to the East most point of the South Rim to see the sunrise, and so we did. Surprisingly it wasn’t really that cold, there was a chill in the breeze, but I guess looking at the spectacular Canyon in front of us, we (almost) forgot about the cold. It had snowed just a few days back, so I was expecting it to be freezing, moreover I had cold and was afraid it might get worse.

Catching the Sunrise at East part of the South RimGrand Canyon - South RimAfter catching the Sunrise, we came back to the lodge, got ready for the 9 mile trail we had planned for, but before that we had a pit stop at the Bright Angel Lodge. They had a nice restaurant and the breakfast was phenomenal :-D, so we had to go there before we could dare to do our 9 mile south rim trail. At around Noon we started , the trail started right behind the restaurant. A friend and I took the lead and started walking. We reached the Hermit Rest be around 4 – 4:30. I have to say it was a really long trail. I wouldn’t say it was tough, but the last time I went to the gym was like a year back and I lacked the stamina to keep going :-D. This by far has been my longest trail. Thanks to my friend who kept motivating me we did complete it. Although by the end of it I had a sever migraine, because my head was not so properly covered and by evening it became colder, moreover I was already fighting sore throat and cold. However, I am glad we did the whole thing, atleast now I can brag about it. Below are a few shots from along the trail..

Grand Canyon South Rim
Grand Canyon South Rim
Grand Canyon South Rim

It was a little difficult to take these shots because 1. I wasn’t carrying my Tripod ( I am glad) and 2. since it was afternoon the light was really harsh. I had to take really under exposed shots and was using a .9 ND filter. i am happy that I got most colors of the canyon, but few clouds and the sunset would have added a lot of glamor. one thing is for sure, i have to make a few more trips here. ..

2 Comments on “Grand Canyon, AZ

  1. Great photos. What a spectacular landscape. I have flown over the Grand Canyon – just in a regular plane. I would love to get closer – one day. We have just flown over Lake Eyre in Australia. It is full of water, something that happens very rarely.

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