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Different Perspective

You see an interesting subject, you take a photo. Do you take time to explore the subject? how do you figure you have the best possible composition? How many photos of the same subject are enough? Some you can answer accurately some answers are vague. Based on your audience, based on the time you have […]

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Telephoto Landscapes

My Ideal choice for  landscape photograph is a wide angle lens like a Sigma 10-20mm or may be even a Nikor 18-50mm. However there is no hard and fast rule that you need to use such lenses all the time for the landscape shots. Sometimes you need to look further, probably because the colors in […]

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Dealing with Harsh Light

The top advise you would get from the pros is to shoot a landscape during the Golden Hours. This makes a lot of sense because during that time you get soft light, deep colors at the horizon, and on a cloudy day you get more dramatic results. One may not always be in a good […]

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Interview with Ian Plant, A Nature Photographer

Ian Plant is one of the most fascinating and inspiring Nature Photographer I have come across. His photography and articles have been published in various magazines, books and other media. He also holds many photography workshops ( at-least one I intend to attend in the coming months), if you are looking forward to one as well […]

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Varina – Nature/Landscape Photographer

Varina Patel is an avid photographer specializing in Nature and Landscape photography. With an eye for the details and love for the nature She and her husband travel together to the most beautiful locations on the planet and capture the most visually stunning photographs. You can follow her on Facebook, her Website and her Flickr stream . There you will find […]

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Jay Patel – ” I just like to photograph”

It took me most of last evening to come up with a write up for Jay. Quite honestly I am lost for words. The photograph below pretty much is an evidence of how visually engaging and stunning his photography is. Like I said, I am lost for words. Jay’s work has been published in numerous magazines, […]

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Interview with Paul Marcellini

Paul Marcellini is an award winning nature and landscape photographer from Florida. I came to know about him when I was doing a project in Sarasota, and was looking for inspiration and places to check out for my own photography. I was really impressed with his photographs of Everglades, and that was one of the reasons even I made […]

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You never know unless you go..

Joshua’s keen sense of interpreting nature’s beauty and an eye for details, has made him an avid and an admired photographer. He is an Engineer turned Nature and landscape photographer and is quite an inspiration for people who want to go pro. He was way to kind to do an interview for me and he […]

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Magic Hour Unplugged with Kah Kit Yoong

Kah is another of my most favorite photographer. I first saw a photo of his in the Outdoor Photographer 2008 magazine issue, became an instant fan. He gives “Golden Hours Of Photography” its true meaning. His photography is evidence of the beautiful world out there yet to be seen by many of us. He is […]

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